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About Me

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I trained as an actress at the Academy of Live and Recorded Arts in London and studied directing and teaching under the late Sam Kogan at the Academy of Science of Acting London and Moscow. I received a BA in Theatre Practice from Guildford School of Acting. I continued my training with Phillipe Gaulier in Paris and Pierre Byland in Switzerland studying clown techniques and learning how to combine these techniques with the Stanislavski method, two contrasting methods which I realized seem to fit creativity together, its balance manifesting in a joyful performance for the actor. 
As an actor, I continue to stay inspired and explore techniques and methods that assist the exploration of the freedom of the actor.  
As a director I am passionate about telling the story in the most creative way possible, allowing the team to
collaborate and share their truths to build a product to entertain.  As a teacher, I am passionate to share my knowledge from my training, professional experience, and the ever learning process of being on stage. I strongly believe everybody has talent, everybody has spirit, everybody can be a great actor, it's just understanding how to tap into one's spirit and learn to manifest it on stage. I am deeply inspired by the development of character and presenting a truthful and interesting performance both as an actress and director. 

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